Picket Fences

Picket Fences: Types, Benefits & Price

When it comes to buying a picket fence, you’ll want to know what the different types are and what the benefits of picket fences are. You’ll also want to know about the price and tips for choosing a contractor to install your fence. The rest of this article will cover those things.

Types Of Picket Fencing
Generally speaking, there are four types of picket fences, with one being wood picket. Wooden fences give properties a rustic look, and they can easily be painted. Whether you’re after a modern look or a contemporary look, you can achieve it with wooden picket fences.

Vinyl fencing is another option, which comes in an array of designs. They are very durable too, and they look great in all types of yards. Plus, you don’t have to worry about getting splinters with vinyl fencing.

There’s also ornamental fencing, which comes in a range of materials. This includes iron and wood to name a few. If you want more options regarding design, then ornamental fencing is for you.

Finally, there is PVC fencing. This type of picket fencing is ideal for small gardens. Like the other picket fence options, PVC is available in an array of designs.

The Benefits Of Picket Fences
First, picket fences are made with materials that will ensure your fence lasts for many years to come. As previously mentioned, there are various types of picket fences. Regardless of the type you choose, you can bet your fence will be sturdy, durable and able to withstand harsh elements.

The second benefit is your home’s value will likely increase. Many people love the way picket fences look. If you decide to ever sell your home, the chances are you’ll get a bit more for it.

Third, you’ll be providing your home with additional security. Picket fences might not be the best form of security, but they are an additional layer. Best of all, the don’t look harsh or will ruin the looks of the surrounding area.

Fourthly, picket fences have a charming appearance. It doesn’t matter what type you choose; it will look great when it is installed. Picket fences tend to look far better than any other kind of fencing out there.

Those are only a few benefits of picket fences. Do you want to experience all of the benefits firsthand? Of course, you do, which is why you should install a picket fence today.

How Much Does Picket Fencing Cost
Generally speaking, there are three main factors that play a role in how much you’ll pay for picket fencing, and this includes the type of material you want your fence in. The area is fenced in will play a role too, as the bigger the area, the more it will cost. Furthermore, whether you hire a professional or do it yourself will factor into the price.

The good news is picket fences are affordable, and they are worth the investment. Realistically, you should have no problems fencing in a large area for around $1,500, but the price could be significantly less or more than that, depending on other factors. Shop around and compare contractors and fences before making a final decision.  Consider hiring this fencing Melbourne for Western Suburbs contractor for great quote and installation.

Tips For Choosing A Picket Fence Contractor
First and foremost, choose a fencing contractor with plenty of experience. The more picket fences they’ve installed for customers, the more experience they will have. Request a quote from a few contractors so you can compare their prices, and don’t forget to read reviews about the fencing contractors you’re researching. After you do all of those things, you can decide which picket fence contractor to hire.

As you can see, there are several benefits of picket fences, and there are various types to choose from. Go ahead and shop around for picket fences today. If you can’t install it yourself, then use the previously discussed tips to find a good contractor.

Why Colorbond Fence

A Colorbond Fence Can Mean Privacy On Your Property

A privacy fence makes a great way to keep unwanted eyes from peering into your yard or home. That can be nosey neighbours, pedestrians passing by, or even folks in vehicles driving down the street. You might even want to keep animals from trotting through your yard. A privacy fence is typically solid and of good height, not only so folks can’t see through them, but also so they can stand up and peer over them. Extra height might be needed if there are multilevel structures around you. A family with small kids that play outside can benefit from a privacy fence. Even adults can take advantage too, especially if they have a hot tub or pool and want some privacy. Colorbond fences work well for these applications, keeping backyard activities rather private. If you’d like extra security and privacy, using a colorbond fence for privacy is a good thing to install if you don’t have one already in place.

Even if it’s there to be tall and a blockage to foot traffic and vision, that doesn’t mean a colorbond privacy fence can’t be decorative. Depending on the materials and the specific area you want to block off, you can choose for either an industrial vibe or a rather homey look. You can find a colorbond fence that reflects your style, tastes, and fashion preferences. You might know neighbours, family, or friends that urge you to use trees or shrubs for a privacy barrier. These would line your area with tightly packed trees or shrubs. While it’s true that this can provide an attractive and even organic or natural look, it does mean a lot of maintenance. Also, the privacy effect might not be as solid as you would like. The foliage might also not be as thick in some seasons as it is in others.

A good privacy fence is often nearly three meters in height. Of course, you can choose the height that you need or allowed to do where you live. Decorative toppers are possibilities for extra height and appearance. Since a colorbond fence is usually solid, especially in colour, it might look rather plain, particularly in a residential setting. You can use additions to enhance both its attractiveness and function at the same time. Consider using a decorative lattice across the top.

Of course, for all the attention you pay to the outside of the fence keeping prying eyes out, and possibly even animals, you need to consider the interior of the fence too. Even if it’s the same material as the outside of the fence, it doesn’t have to be the same colour. You might even get quite elaborate with the decoration of it, considering how much of the view out your windows it will wind up being.

You’ll also need to consider how well it will stand up to the wind, depending on where you live. A colorbond fence is usually quite solid across, and so there’s no airflow through it. It won’t even have the slope your roof might that lets air go up and over it or around it. That can mean a particularly strong wind might damage or bend it. If you’ve ever driven on a highway in a truck or van that caught a strong blast of wind straight to the side, then you’ve felt how much surface area can amplify this effect.

Still, there are options and possibilities to explore if you want a colorbond privacy fence. These durable installations can last years, if not decades when properly maintained and put in right the first time they go up.